A Bowtie and Fancy Shoes

It’s just one of those days.  You know the kind – when you wake up and you just feel it in the air and know that it’s going to be a bowtie and fancy shoes kind of day!  Although I don’t own a bowtie, I knew that My Man did and that he’d be okay with me borrowing it for this particular day.  He knows how important these little details are for me!  I do, however, own a sparkly pair of fancy shoes!

Are you having a bowtie and fancy shoes kind of day too?  I do hope so, on this first day of Spring!


Fancy shoes

And here’s a little bit of musical happiness for your Friday!


4 thoughts on “A Bowtie and Fancy Shoes

  1. I like your blog name, and I think we read the same blogs.
    It is nice you found me at Calm things, and now I found you. A nice circle 🙂
    I don’t own any bow ties but my husband has plenty, I do have a nice pair of fancy shoes, similar to yours 🙂


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