A Transformation

We’ve been living in our home for a little over seven years and I’ve never felt happy with our bathroom.  I know, there are far more important things in life than not liking one’s bathroom, but I’m telling you, I tried to like the dark marbled floor, but never really could and the tiles around the bathtub, well, in my view, were awful!  😉  Not wanting to spend the funds on doing a complete overhaul of this tiny bathroom, I decided to give it a go with a couple of gallons of paints/primer and a self-adhesive linoleum fake wood floor.   Since we don’t have a shower in this bathroom, I was able to paint the ceramic tiles around the tub with two coats of primer (for tile) and two coats acrylic paint. I’m really quite pleased with the results and I’ll now be spending a lot more time soaking in my tub while enjoying the lovely view!



FloorAfter (almost finished, except for a couple of floor boards, which I ran out of right at the end – finishing it up today!)

And listening to this:


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