The Making of a Lamp

My Dad made beautiful stained glass objects.  I was always smitten by his creations, but never felt the pull to learn the art myself until this January when a friend suggested to me that we should take a stained glass course together to help pass the winter months.  My dear family friend (who is also a wonderful stained glass artist) was the keeper of all of my Dad’s equipment, which I’ve now inherited.   With my Dad’s little green steel toolbox in hand (which my classmates and I ended up referring to as the Mary Poppins bag – it was filled with endless treasures!), I made my way to my first ‘vitrail’ class.   By the end of that first class, I was hooked!

Hence, here’s my first ‘big’ project … a small, simple reading lamp.  I think I can say that my Dad would have been proud!




  taped lamp




Lamps aglow lighting the night.
Bits of glass to soften harsh realities.
Lamps aglow wait the return of children out too late
Parents pace with furrowed brows.

Only colored glass to soothe their fears
Home again
All is right.
A sigh, a hug and off to bed.
Lamps aglow lighting the night.
Bits of glass to sweeten the dreams.

                                                                                Suzanne Cooper


2 thoughts on “The Making of a Lamp

  1. Your lamp is a wonderful work of art Lynnie. What an accomplishment and one that has a lovely family connection with your dad’s beautiful tools. Well done you – he would be very proud, indeed! xo


    • Thanks so much, my Betty! I didn’t think that I was going to like doing it as much as I am! And thanks for ‘following’ me … I’m having so much fun putting this little blog together! Hope all is healthy and happy in your world. Love you XOX


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