There is no other gauge that indicates to me that summer is really in full swing than the arrival of our local strawberrries and, in my humble opinion, Québec strawberries are les meilleures!  Every summer, I spend a morning or two seated on the cushion-y straw floors of various farmers’ strawberry fields, picking away to my heart’s content.  I do love this summer ritual.

This year, I went with a friend and her sweet daughter.  We decided to try a new to us farm.  We were delighted to find the fields abundant with these ruby, succulent jewels!

I had high hopes for my strawberries, here, however, they got eaten faster than I could boil some water to sterilize my jars!  I’ll be going back again this week to replenish my buckets!

What have you been cooking up lately with your strawberries?



Red and white

Flower fraise








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