It’s not the start of a new year that motivates me to add new activities to my daily routine;  it’s the month of September.  I guess it’s been ingrained in me from a young age when a new school year begins.  Regardless of the reason, September is the month for me to begin anew.

Since I desperately need to get in shape, I’ve started (as of this morning) a swimming class … it’s an endurance and styles class.  I haven’t really swam since attending early morning swimming classes as a kid at our local pool.  (The only memory that comes to mind from those classes is how freezing cold the water was!)  When I say I haven’t really swam – I’m being literal!  When at a pool or body of water, I generally jump in, splash around a bit and then quickly jump out.  That’s been about the extent of my swimming experience for many years.  So, I must say, I was feeling a bit nervous about starting my class today.  I can now report that it was absolutely perfect for me!  I went at my own pace – had a full lane to myself so never felt hurried – and succeeded in completing all recommended strokes and lengths!  I have no idea if I’ll be able to move tomorrow, but for now I’m feeling pretty damn happy with myself!

Hope you’re having a great start to your September too!



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