From bleh to yay!

A few years ago, my belle-mère came home from Provence with, as always, lovely gifts for all of us.  That year, she gifted me with a white with brown polka dots linen smock.  As sweet a gift it was, it looked terrible on me.  I looked like I was wearing a sac de patates!  So, into the pile of ‘to do something with one day’ it went.

For the last year, I’ve been slowly de-cluttering my home and, at the same, trying to get things done that I’ve been putting off for a rainy day.  While cleaning up my atelier last week, I came across the white linen dress that I had tossed aside awhile ago.

So, this afternoon, with the help of some indigo dye, scissors and my sewing machine, I transformed the sac de patates from bleh to a lovely yay! tunic.  I think it’ll now be well worn!

Happy last weekend of August!





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