Simon … the Doorstop

My belle-mère had visited Corsica recently and in her travels there, aside from visiting numerous essential oil distilleries in the countryside (apparently, Corsica is known for its essential oils), she also quite unexpectedly visited an atelier that sold their own homespun wool.  She sweetly thought of me and brought me home three skeins of pure lana corsa.


This wool, however, is different from any wool I’ve crochet or knit with – it has the feel of a rough cord.  There are bits and pieces of what looks like straw scattered here and there throughout the skeins which renders itself a not too desirable material to use in a piece of clothing!  I couldn’t figure out what project I’d use this rough, albeit beautiful, wool for until I came across this lovely book .


Although the intention of these adorable stuffed animals is for soft, squishy children’s toys, I thought I would use my unwearable lana corsa to create a sweet doorstop!


I should have Simon finished very soon … it’s a nice quick project.


Happy Wednesday, dear friends! XX

Welcoming Spring

The days are getting longer, the snow is slowly melting.  I hung my laundry on my clothesline this past weekend; that’s always a sure sign for me that Spring has arrived!  Saw this lovely quote this morning, thought I’d share it.

Happy Monday, friends!  XX

Rachel Carson


(My last baby belly bust painted by my Girl!)



The light around my home

Yesterday was the first day that it truly felt like the arrival of Spring was imminent.  There is something special about the light this time of year, don’t you find?  I thought I’d share some of it with you.


Wishing you a beautiful sunlit day! XX

Christmas Eve

I haven’t been here for quite a while.  For no reason really, except that I haven’t been feeling very motivated lately.

I have made a commitment to myself to take the ‘bull by its horns’ as of now and to stop procrastinating with all of the things that are on my ‘To Do before it’s too late’ list and get a move on!  Therefore, as of the new year, I’ll be here in my little space more often.  I hope to see you then!

In the meantime, may you all have a lovely Christmas holiday with your families and loved ones, appreciating fully those special moments shared.

See you in 2016!